Let the crow sing Let the wolf howl Let the birds chirp Let the cattle groan   Rise baby rise, Sing only your song Dance only your steps, Rise baby rise   Feel the ground, Feel the sky slip And just past your grasp   Rise baby rise, Lift those weary eyes Hear the world’s […]


I am wound and unbound Sleeplessly drifting in seamless sound I am awake and asleep Tracing steps down a path of twisted limbs Naked, cold, yet alive Giving, living, and sharing with you I am made of a bundle of nerves I have grown because I have felt I am emerging in cracks, fields of […]


I enjoy the chill, Leaves crumple, accepting their end at this moment Bare – Naked, I am exposed. When everything begins to fade, stillness remains; Freckled flakes quiet all the towns, For I am silent, but I am loud. Assemble within boxes of all shapes Holding Magic and Memory of years past and those to […]